Funeral Insurance Company DELA believes in a dignified farewell for everyone, but above all in being there for each other during life.

The most beautiful words are often spoken when someone has passed away. But why wait until it’s too late? Say something wonderful today. With an integrated campaign we gave people a chance to share beautiful words with someone they love. Today.

We gave ordinary people a chance to say something wonderful to someone they really care about and filmed their speeches with 6 hidden cameras. The footage was used to develop extraordinary commercials, with real emotions.

These commercials were part of an integrated campaign that encouraged everyone in the Netherlands to show their love and affection. It enabled people to be there for each other. We made ads with only the word ‘Dear’. People were invited to fill in the rest.

The uploaded ads were used for outdoor. Each poster was unique and placed in the area where the person it was meant for lived. Besides the print ads, people could post their beautiful words on Facebook or on DELA’s website. In addition, radio, banners and live television speeches were used within the campaign. During the campaign period the amount of website visitors increased with 66%. Facebook likes increased with a staggering 96%!

On Twitter more than 3600 messages were about the DELA campaign and only 6% had a negative sentiment. The awareness on DELA grew from 78% to 87% and the few negative associations with the brand decreased from 9% to 3,5%. The campaign also had an outstanding effect on business. The insured capital grew by 50%. And DELA captured a place in the top 10 best known brands in Holland. But the best result is that by all the wonderful words spoken by the public, Holland grew a bit more beautiful.

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